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We also provide certified translation if you need it for county court / work tribunal / magistrates’ court or crown court purposes.

Our sworn translators will certify all documents for you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

We are happy to answer all of them for you.

Legal translations

The most reliable language-access partner for the legal domain

Working across languages is not an easy undertaking, particularly when the precision of what is being translated or interpreted is critical.

As a legal practitioner, you will almost surely come into contact with a client who wants linguistic aid or legal document translations at some time. If you come into a customer that doesn’t understand English, you’ll likely need to translate several files into one or more languages. Accuracy and timely delivery are critical for contracts, declarations, deeds, and reports. Word Perfect Translations, which has been assisting the legal sector for many years, knows this.

Contracts, legislation, judgments, and other formal documents are all translated by Word Perfect Translations. These translations, more than any other, should be performed by specialized translators.

Thoroughness and accuracy are keywords in this occupation, which is why some of Word Perfect Translations’ translators are foreign attorneys who have been admitted to the bars of the nations where the languages in the subject are spoken. Your legal translations will always be handled by whizzes who have studied law or have many years of experience in this sector and are thus well acquainted with the language they employ.

What characteristics should you seek in a Professional Translation Service?

It can be difficult to distinguish between legal translation services, and much more difficult to distinguish between the translation businesses that deliver them.

Finally, we concede that it all boils down to service and confidence. As a result, we always complete your legal translation of documents on schedule and to the high standards that our clients have come to expect from us.

Our linguists, translation project managers, and account managers collaborate to provide:

1. Translations from competent and experienced linguists that you can rely on every time.

2. A centralized point of contact for the whole process, backed up by a professional project management staff.

3. Full-service support with experienced assistance from planning through execution and beyond.

4. A client-centered strategy that enables us to give you the exact service you want.

We also offer certified legal translation services for county court, work tribunal, magistrates’ court, and crown court. All legal documents will be certified by our sworn translators. If you have any additional inquiries, kindly do not hesitate to consult us. We will happily respond to all of them.

Make crucial language access available wherever and wherever it is required. Word Perfect Translations enables you to provide complete language coverage.

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Surrey Police
Metropolitan Police
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Defence
HM Revenue & Customs
Hampshire Constabulary
Thames Valley Police
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